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Avid Adventures Japan works closely with the race organizers of some of Japan's premier trail running races to help them introduce their race to a broader international audience. Trail running is a wonderful way to come and experience the beautiful mountains and local culture of Japan and we're excited to be able to open up opportunities for racers coming from overseas to participate in these amazing races!


Depending on the race, we provide some or all of the following services:

 - Overseas racer registration

 - International help desk & communications

 - International media support

 - Race Packages that include accommodations and transportation to/from the race



Here's our race lineup for 2018 & 2019! 

We are proud to present four of the most iconic and popular races in Japan.

If you have any questions regarding the race, registration and/or the packages, please feel free to contact us anytime.

We look forward to making your trip to Japan an unforgettable one!




UTMF 170km

April 26 -  28, 2019  (Yamanashi & Shizuoka Prefectures)

Official race website: www.ultratrailmtfuji.com


The UTMF is one of Japan's premier ultra-trail running races that takes racers around the mountains surrounding Mt. Fuji. It's part of the Ultra-Trail World Tour (UTWT) international ultra-trail running series and is the largest trail race in Japan.


For 2019, a major change in the race format was announced. The STY (92km) will no longer be available and there will only be one category - the 170km UTMF. Click here for the UTMF's explanation regarding the new format for the 2019 UTMF.


Avid Adventures has been UTMF's official international tour partner since the very start of the UTMF and we will be offering racer accommodation & support packages again for 2019!

We look forward to seeing you in Mt. Fuji!



 We will be providing updated Racer Support Package information for the 2019 race in November 2018.

Racer registration is expected to begin mid-October 2018. 

Make sure to check the official race website for exact dates and details!

New race added this year!



63km & 37km

July 21-22, 2018   (Miyazaki & Kagoshima Prefectures / Kyushu)

Official race website:  http://universal-field.com/event/kirishima-ebino-extr/


The Kirishima Ebino-Kougen Extreme Trail is an exciting trail race located in the Kyushu area in southern Japan. There are two categories - a long and short course, and both courses will take you some of the most beautiful mountains within the Kirishima National Park.


The official race website has added an English website where we've translated all the race details and registration information. Overseas racers will be able to register for the race from the Avid website (starting the week of Feb 19 - please check back again soon!).


Race accommodation & transportation details will also be available on the official website. 


Registrations for 2018 Kirishima Ebino-Kougen Extreme Trail are now open. Please see below.



110km & 100 miles

September 15-17, 2018   (Nagano & Niigata Prefectures)

Official race website:  www.sfmt100.com


The Shinetsu Five Mountains Trail (SFMT) race is one of the most popular ultra-trail running races in Japan that sells out within minutes every year. Last year a new 100 mile (160km+) category was introduced in addition to the 110km race. Unfortunately the 100 mile category was shortend due to bad weather so the 2018 race should be the very first challenge for this particular distance.


As the race does not have an English website, the race organizers have asked us to provide an official translation on our Avid website. As the official SFMT International Help desk, we will also be responding to any questions you might have about the race  so feel free to drop us a line anytime!


Overseas racers can sign up for the race through this website (30 slots available on a first come first serve basis). 

New update! (as of 2018/6/6)

Registrations for 2018 starts on Sunday, June 10, 2018 at 21:00 Japan Standard Time.

Registration in English for international participants can be done through Avid Adventures from this website.

We are currently preparing a translation of the official website and the registration page which will be available within the next few days. 





December 9, 2018   (Izu Peninsula, Shizuoka Prefecture)

Official race website:  www.izutrailjourney.com


The Izu Trail Journey (ITJ) is yet another popular  race in the stunningly scenic Izu Peninsula. The race is part of the Asia Trail Master Series and is the Final Championship race in the series.

The race has added an English website and we've translated all the race details and registration information on the official race website (www.izutrailjourney.com  ← Click on the "English button on the upper right hand corner)  



2018 race entries are now closed.  

Click on the button below for ITJ Accommodation & Transportation Packages for overseas racers and supporters


Sat. February 2, 2019  (Izu Oshima Island, Tokyo Islands)

Website (in English):  www.izuoshima-rogaining.com/english/ 

Come and join us for an exciting navigation game on one of Japan's most scenic and dynamic islands!

Located approximately 120 km south of Tokyo, Oshima can be reached via high speed ferry in just 2 hours or by cruise boat (with sleeping rooms) in 6 hours.


Here's a few articles about Izu Oshima where you can read about just how amazing this little "big" island is!


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Japan Guide




2019 registrations are now open! Please see race website for details.

Also, please feel free to contact us if you any questions.