Group Insurance

Accident insurance (for tour/event participants)

Underwriting insurance company:  Sompo Japan Insurance Inc.


Adventure Divas Ltd. ("the organizer") is enrolled in a group insurance plan that cover accidental injuries that occur while participating in a tour/event (*While participating in a tour/event = from the start of the tour at a given location to the end of the tour during which you are required to abide by staff instructions.)


Insurance is paid out within the scope of the insurance policy below for injuries or death caused by a "sudden and unforeseen accident". Please be aware that the organizer cannot be liable for damages that exceed the scope of compensation provided by this insurance. 


Important: For those coming from overseas and non-residents of Japan, we require that you enroll in your own travel/accident insurance plans as this domestic group insurance policy may not be sufficient to cover your costs and will be difficult to receive payments as they can only make payments to Japanese bank accounts within the country.


Insurance Coverage:

● Death and disability insurance

If there is a death due to an injury within 180 days of the accident, including the day of the accident, the total amount of death and disability insurance will be paid out. In the case a disability is sustained due to the injury within 180 days of the accident, including the day of the accident, 4% to 100% of the death and disability insurance amount will be paid out depending on the degree of disability.


● Hospitalization insurance

If you are hospitalized and treated by a doctor and are unable to work or go back to daily life, you can receive the hospitalization insurance amount per day for the number of days hospitalized, up to 180 days including the day of the accident.


● Operation insurance

If you require an operation due to an injury within 180 days of the accident, including the day of the accident and hospitalization insurance is paid out, you will also be eligible to receive operation insurance. This amount is obtained by multiplying the hospitalization insurance daily amount by a predetermined factor (5 or 10 times) when a prescribed surgery is received. However, it is limited to one operation per accident.


● Medical treatment insurance

If you have trouble returning to work or daily life, and need to go to the hospital on a regular basis to receive medical treatment from a doctor within 180 days of the accident, including the day of the accident, you can receive daily medical treatment insurance for up to a maximum of 90 days. You will no longer be eligible to receive payments once you have recovered to a point where you are no longer affected on a daily basis and can return to regular work/life.


Insurance Amounts

● Death and disability insurance:   5.09 million yen

● Hospitalization insurance:  6000 yen (per day)

● Operation insurance:  5 or 10 times the hospitalization insurance amount

● Medical treatment insurance:  3500 yen (per day)

For details, please ask for the official insurance policy pamphlet.


If an accident occurs, please report it immediately. If you are injured or damage others, please notify the organizer/staff immediately during the tour. Also, if you encounter issues due to injury after returning home, please contact Adventure Divas Ltd. immediately. If there is no notification within 30 days from the day of the accident, the insurance may no longer be paid out.


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