Race Schedule:

Saturday, December 10

11:00            Gear check & racer check-in opens
13:30-14:30  Race briefing #1 (in Japanese only)

16:30-17:30  Race briefing #2 (in Japanese only)

18:00-18:30  Race briefing #3E (in English)

18:30-19:30  Race briefing #3 (in Japanese only)

20:00             Gear check & racer check-in closes

Location: Matsuzaki-cho Environment Improvement Centre


You must complete your gear check and racer check-in between 11:00 - 20:00. You are also required to attend one of the above race briefings to obtain a final race update. 


Sunday, December 11

04:00     Start area & baggage storage open (Matsuzaki start area)

05:30     Baggage storage closed. Gather at race start line.

06:00     Race start  (Matsuzaki Port)

12:35     First place runner expected to reach finish line!

16:00     Awards ceremony (Shuzenji Spa/Shuzenji Sogo Kaikan)

20:00     Race cutoff & Closing ceremony


Race Course



  • Distance:  72.4km 71.7km
  • Cumulative Altitude Gain:  3,310 m
  • Trail %:  81.4% 
  • Start:  Matsuzaki Port Matsuzaki New Port
  • Finish:  Shuzenji Sogo Kaikan
  • Max time: 14 hours

 - ITRA recognized course (currently awaiting approval)

- UTMB qualifying race (4 new points) (currently awaiting approval)





-> Matsuzaki Port (Start Line)

-> Sakurada

-> Hozoin Temple (W1 - Hozoin Aid Station)

-> Yase Pass

-> Shotsubo Pass

-> Kogane Bridge (A1 - Kogane Bridge Aid Station)

-> Old Amagi Pass

-> Mt. Nekko
-> Nishina Pass (A2 - Nishina Pass Aid Station)

-> Mt. Konnoyama

-> Funabara Pass

-> Toi Parking Lot (A3 - Toi Parking Aid Station)

-> Mt. Garan

-> Mt. Daruma
-> Heda Pass

-> Shuzenji Spa/Shuzenji Sogo Kaikan (Finish Line)


PLEASE NOTE:  Race course and aid/water station locations may be subject to change depending on weather conditions such as snow and/or rain.

If the course changes, the Aid Stations A1 & A2 locations may also change. The maximum time allowed and the cutoff times will not change.


Aid Stations:

There will be 1 water station (W1) and 3 aid stations (A1 - A3) set up along the course. Food and drinks will be available at each of the aid stations and water will be available at the water station.

Supporters & Support Crews:

The only place where supporters and support crews may assist a racer is at aid station A2 Nishina Pass (Nishina Touge).

Note: If the course changes, A2 will move to Makiba-no-ie.


There will be parking spaces available near this aid station however we expect it to be crowded so we ask you to car pool as much as possible and make sure you leave ample time to go to this aid station.


The other aid stations do not have parking spaces available so supporters will not be able to drive there.


Please bring home with you all garbage that you brought in.



Detailed maps will be available at the racer check in tent before the race.


Previous Year's Results:

The following are last year's results for your reference.


March 15, 2015 Race  6:00 start

Distance:  72.5km

Cumulative Altitude Gain:  4,408m

Trail %: 81%

# of entries:  1752 (male 1485, female 267)

# of runners:  1486 (male 1259, female 227)

# of finishers: 1154 (male 998, female 156)

Race completion rate: 77.7%



6:00 Matsuzaki - cloudy, 4.2C, wind velocity 1.3m/s ENE

12:00 Mishima - sunny, 13.8C, wind velocity 1.5m/s SW

20:00 Mishima - sunny, 12.4C, wind velocity 2.7m/s SW


Winning FinishTimes:

1st place men's: Masahisa Ohara (inov-8)  6:38:35

1st place women's: Yukari Fukuda (RunField) 8:34:59