The following is a translation of the Race Rules & Important Reminders, Mandatory Gear and Pacers section from the official Shinetsu Five Mountains Trail race website.



  1. Race ranking is based on finish times.
  2. There will be cut-off points along the course (see "cut-offs" below). The finish line cut-off time is on Mon. Sep 16 at 3:30am.  If you do not make the cut-off times, you will not be able to continue the race and must follow the instructions provided by race staff to make your way down the mountain.   
  3. In order to support racer safely, racers are allowed to be accompanied by a pacer as follows:  For the 100 mile category, between cut-off #3 (Kurohime) to the finish line (Iizuna Kougen) and for the 110km category, between cut-off #2 (Sasagamine) to the finish line (Iizuna Kougen). Pacers are optional. Please refer to the "Pacer" page for further details.
  4. The use of items such as trekking poles/branches/walking sticks is prohibited throughout the course.
  5. Sleeping/napping along the course is prohibited.
  6. Using headset is prohibited during the race.
  7. Running barefoot and/or footwear such as sandals that expose your barefeet are prohibited.
  8. If you stop or drop out of the race in the middle of the course, you must report this to race staff so that we know that you are safe and retun your timing chip. If you fail to do so, you will be not be allowed to enter this race in the future and serching cost may be charged. If you lose your timing chip, its cost will be claimed.
  9. You may be asked to stop racing by race staff if they consider you to be in not good enough condition to continue the race.
  10. The race may be stopped or changed mid-race if the race organizer determines that it is unsafe to continue with the race.
  11. A racer will be disqualified for the following:
    1) Failure to obey the rules and regulations or follow instructions by race staff.
    2) Failure to meet the cut-off time limits.
    3) You do not have your mandatory gear (this includes if you lose your mandatory gear)
    4) You receive outside support at points other than the official assistance points


Cut-off times


Cut-off #1:   Apa Resort Myoko (55km) / Sun. Sept 15, 5:30 cut-off (11 hrs after race start)

Cut-off #2:   National Myoko Youth Outdoor Learning Center 72km) / Sun. Sept 15, 8:00 cut-off (13.5 hours after race start)

Cut-off #3:   Kurohime (102km) / Sun. Sept 15, 14:30 cut-off (20 hours after race start)

Cut-off #4:   Sasagamine Green House (115km) / Sun. Sept 15,  17:30 cut-off (23 hours after race start)

Cut-off #5:   Togakushi Ski Area (142km) / Mon. Sept 16,  0:00 cut-off (29.5 hours after race start)

Finish Line:  Iizuna Kougen Highland Hall (160km) / Mon. Sept 16,  3:30 cut-off (33 hours after race start)



Cut-off #1:  Kurohime (52km) /  Sun. Sept 15, 15:30 cut-off (10 hours after race start)

Cut-off #2:  Sasagamine Green House (65km) / Sun. Sept 15,  17:30 cut-off (12 hours after race start)

Cut-off #3:  Togakushi Ski Area (92km) /  Mon. Sept 16,  0:00 cut-off (18.5 after race start)

Finish Line:  Iizuna Kougen Highland Hall (110km) / Mon. Sept 16,  3:30 cut-off (22 hours after race start)



  1. Gear: A bear bell is highly recommended as there are wild animals in this region.
  2. Health examination:  If you are 55 years or age or older, please get a health examination before the race.
  3. Racer check-in:  You will not be allowed to run if you are late for racer check-in (racer check-in located at Madarao Kougen "Heidi" Restaurant)
  4. Race cancellation:  The race may be cancelled by the organizer if it is determined that the race cannot safely continue due to earthquakes, wind/water damage, unexpected events and accidents. If the race is cancelled, you will be given the participation award but it will be up to the race organizer to determine whether a race fee refund will be able to be provided.
  5. Responsibility & liability:  Racers are responsible for their own well-being during the race. The race will provide emergency assistance in case of an accident but cannot be held responsible or liable.
  6. Rights to photographs/videos:  All rights to photographs, video footage and race results taken during the race and shown or broadcast in newspaper and magazine articles, television and the internet belongs to the race organization.
  7. Luggage storage:  You will be able to store luggage and belongings you don't need during the race in a storage area provided by the race. Please follow the instructions of race staff and make sure to keep any valuables with you during the race. The race organizer is not responsible for any losses or damage.
  8. Garbage:  You are responsible for taking home your own garbage.
  9. Rules: Race rules may change in order to ensure racer safety and proper race management. 




The following is a translation of the Mandatory Gear section from the official Shinetsu Five Mountains Trail race website.


During the race, all racers and pacers must carry with them at all times, the following mandatory gear. Mandatory gear will be checked before racer check-in.

Mandatory Gear

  1. Racer number and timing chip given to you at racer check-in.
  2. Water and food
  3. Mobile phone (you must be able to receive SMS text mails). You must keep the phone turned on during the race (until Sept 16, 5:30) so that the race organizer is able to contact you to confirm your safety.
  4. Medical insurance (photocopies are allowed)
  5. Cup (cups will not be provided at the aid stations)
  6. Poison remover
  7. Survival blanket
  8. Rainwear - both jacket and pants (must be waterproof and breathable, seams must be seam sealed and the jacket must have a hood). The rainwear must be in reasonable condition without notable damage/wear & tear.
  9. Long sleeve base layer shirt (in addition to the one you are wearing during the race)
  10. Two lights - with extra batteries for both. (The lights must be bright enough to continue racing in the dark. Smartphone lights are not acceptable).

 *Depending on the conditions, additional items may be added to the mandatory gear list to ensure racer safety.



Recommended Gear

  1. Course map, compass (electronic compasses are acceptable)
  2. Taping (that can also be used as a medical bandage and/or strap)
  3. Warm clothing (down or fleece)
  4. Gloves (with fully covered fingers)
  5. Hat
  6. First aid kit (bandages, disinfectant, etc)
  7. Other equipment such as sun screen, vaseline, cash, mobile phone charger cable, waterproof bag, extra batteries, waterproof shoes, etc.
  8. Cash (to cover medical fees if taken to a hospital)
  9. Flashing/reflector light that can be seen from the back during the night
  10. Bear bell






Pacers are allowed to accompany racers for a section of the race.

Pacers are optional but having one can help boost performance and safety during the race. For the 100 mile category, pacers are allowed to join their runners from Kurohime (102km) and for the 110km category, pacers can join their racers from the Sasagamine (63km) assistant point.

(Note: Pacers may run with the racer but cannot carry the racer's food, gear, etc.)