May 26, 2018

The overall race schedule was announced as follows.

- Race Schedule: September 15-17, 2018

   Race start for 100 mile category: 19:30, Saturday September 15

   Race start for 110 km category: 5:30, Sunday September 16

Race registrations for Japanese domestic entry will start on Sunday, June 10.

Details of the international entries will be announced shortly.

Sept 15, 2017

AN IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT regarding the race! (An email has also been sent out to all racers who've signed up through Avid Adventures.)


To all the participants of the SHINETSU FIVE MOUNTAINS TRAIL race,


An important announcement was released by the race organizer this evening.

As you probably are aware, a typhoon (Typhoon #18) has hit Japan.

Because of the very bad weather conditions that will be expected during the race, unfortunately both courses have been shortened and the finish line has been changed as follows:


100 miles:  Shortened to 102 km

110 km:  Shortened to 52km

The new finish line will be at KUROHIME aid station for both races.

Note: If the weather worsens even further and it is no longer possible to safely continue the race, there may also be the possibility that the race will be cancelled.



100 miles:  Cut-off #1 (Apa Resort) Sept 17 7:30  / Finish Line cut-off at Kurohime 9/17  15:30

110 km:  Finish line cut-off at Kurohime  9/17 15:30



PACERS can join their racers as follows:

100 miles: From the APA RESORT (56 km point)

110 km: From BANFF (24 km point)



The race start line is still the same.

There are no changes to the accommodations.

The only change is the FINISH LINE and shortened distance.



If further important announcements are made, we will contact you again and continue to keep you posted.

You will also be able to find these updates here on the Avid website and our Avid Facebook page.



If you have any questions, please contact us at the following and we will try to find out answers to your questions as soon as possible.

Harry Ohara, Avid Adventures


June 11, 2017

Race entries now open! (Jun 11 - 22:00)


Sorry for the glitch in our system! Race registration for the SHINETSU is now open!!

Go to registration form.


May 26, 2017

2017 Race Dates

The race dates and details for the 2017 SFMT were officially announced today!

This website provides a translation of the Japanese website.


The Shinetsu Five Mountains Trail will be taking place from Sept. 16-18, 2017


Both the Japanese and English race registration will start on Sunday, June 11, 21:00 (Japan Standard Time). Only racers coming from overseas or require English can register from the English registration site provided by Avid Adventures. We've been receiving a lot of inquiries about the race and expect it to be sold out quite quickly so please enter early!