Pacers are allowed to accompany racers for a section of the race.

Pacers are optional but having one can help boost performance and safety during the race. For the 100 mile category, pacers are allowed to join their runners from Kurohime (102km) and for the 110km category, pacers can join their racers from the Sasagamine (63km) assistant point.

(Note: Pacers may run with the racer but cannot carry the racer's food, gear, etc.






If you're looking for a pacer, Avid Adventures will help you find one from our Japanese volunteer runners.

Although we can't guarantee one, we'll try our best to find you a good match!




<STEP 1> Tell us about you.

Please let us know of your race experience, your target finishing time, etc.

<STEP 2> We look for a good match.

Based on your profile, we'll look for an appropriate Japanese volunteer runner who is willing to a support international runner like you.

<STEP 3> A pacer candidate is referred to you.

When a pacer candidate is referred to you, you and he/she communicate to see if you can get along each other.

<STEP 4> Race registration

Once you two decide to run together, your pacer will be registered.

You will be requested to cover his/her registration cost for your pacer. Other expenses including traveling and accommodations will be paid by the pacer.

<STEP 5> Discuss your game plan with your pacer

Please communicate directly with your pacer before the race.




You will be able to select an option "No - I don't have a pacer but am looking for one" when you fill out your race entry form.

Race entries begin on JUNE 11, 2017!