The race course map can be downloaded from here.

Detailed topographic maps will also be distributed at racer check-in.

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  • There will be 9 aid stations along the course for the 100 mile race and 6 aid stations for the 110km race. There will be food and drinks at the aid station.  Racers can receive support from family and friends at 7 assistance points for the 100 mile race (aid stations 1, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 10) and 4 assistance points for the 110km race (aid stations 1, 7, 8 and 10).

      Name of Aid Station (distance from start)

  1. Banff (24km)
  2. Akaike (37km)
  3. Kumasaka (39km) - only for 110km race
  4. Apa Resort Myoko (56km)
  5. National Myoko Youth Outdoor Learning Center (71km)
  6. Akakura (89km)
  7. Kurohime (52km for 110km race, 102km for 100 mile race)
  8. Sasagamine Green House (63km for 110km race, 113km for 100 mile race)
  9. Togakushi Camp (84km for 110km race, 134km for 100 mile race)
  10. Togakushi Ski Area (93km for 110km, 143km for 100 mile race)
  • In addition to the other aid stations, there will be 3 water stations that will only have water available.
  • There will be a drop bag point at Sasagamine Green House for the 110km race and Kurohime for the 100 mile race.
  • The course will be marked with arrows, signs, marking tape and flashing reflector lights. 
  • There will be toilets/washrooms at the aid stations and along part of the course.