The race course map can be downloaded from here.

Detailed topographic maps will also be distributed at racer check-in.

Shinetsu Race Course Map 2016.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 307.3 KB
  • The course will be marked with arrows, tape and for night sections, flashing reflector lights. Distance markers will be placed along the course every 10km.
  • There are 14 toilets/washrooms along the course.


Eight aid stations will be available along the course.

 1A:  Sugegawa Trailhead (Mt. Madarao) <18.5km>

 2A:  Madarao Kougen Restaurant “Banff” <23.9km>

 3A:  Kanemata, Myoko Kougen <38.5km>

 4A:  Kurohime Kougen Parking Lot #2 <51.5km>

 5A:  Sasagamine Kougen Green House <63.1km>

 6A:  Ohashi <81.0km>

 7A:  Kagami-ike Pond <87.0km>

 8A:  Guesthouse “Iwato”, Togakushi Ski Hill <92.3km>


There will also be water stations at Kurohime-san West trail head <73.3km> and Iinawa-san West trail head <102.4km>

  • Racers will be provided with water, sports drink, coca cola, power bars, bananas, Japanese sasa-sushi (rice balls wrapped with bamboo leaf), snacks, etc. at each aid station.
  • Racers can receive additional support (such as their own foods/drinks or massages) from their families and friends at 2A, 4A, 5A, and 8A.
  • Drop bags can be left/picked up at 5A.