Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Kawaguchiko?

Kawaguchiko is about 2.5 hours west of Tokyo. It's located in Yamanashi Prefecture and is one of the main gateways to climb Mt. Fuji. 

Getting to Kawaguchiko

From Narita Airport

1) By Highway Bus: Take the highway express bus directly to Kawaguchiko (duration 3 hr 40 min)

2) By Train & Bus: Take the Narita Express train into Tokyo (1 hr) and then take the highway bus to Kawaguchiko (2 hr)


From Haneda Airport

1) By Highway Bus: Take the highway express bus directly to Kawaguchiko (duration 2 hr 35 min)

2) By Train & Bus: Take the bus, train or monorail into Tokyo (45-60 min) and then take the highway bus to Kawaguchiko (2 hr).


From Tokyo


From Tokyo (Shinjuku, Tokyo, Ikebukuro, Shibuya, Shinagawa train stations), take the Highway Bus to Kawaguchiko station. Buses run frequently (every half hour to 1 hour) from 6:00 to 23:30.


Useful Links/Schedules & Fares

Narita Express:


Highway Bus:

To/from Narita

To/From Haneda

To/From Tokyo area


Highway Bus Ticket Reservation Site:


Travel info from Haneda:




Getting back to Tokyo

1) By Highway Express Bus

Highway buses run from Kawaguchiko Train Station to Shinjuku Station and Tokyo Station.

Buses run every 30 minutes to 90 minutes. The earliest bus leaves Kawaguchiko at around 6:00 am and the last bus leaves Kawaguchiko Train Station at 20:15 and arrives into Tokyo at 22:00.


2) By train

You can also return to Tokyo by train from Kawaguchiko Train Station. Frequent service available.



Purchasing Highway Bus Tickets


You can purchase your bus ticket to Kawaguchiko Station at the highway bus terminal in Shinjuku. There are automatic ticket vending machines as well as ticket counters. The bus schedules are displayed in various languages on the screens above the ticket counters.  At Kawaguchiko you can purchase tickets at the train station.



Reservations can also be made from the Shinjuku Highway Bus website:



Getting to the Highway Bus Terminal in Shinjuku ("BASTA")

The "Shinjuku Express Bus Terminal (Shinjuku Basta)" is located only a couple of minutes from the Shinjuku train station.


(1) Go to Shinjuku station.


(2) Exit the train station from either the South Exit or New South Exit. Follow the yellow signs for "Shinjuku Express Bus Terminal". The bus terminal is located above the train station on the 4th floor of the building. 

Note: If you take a limousine bus from Narita or Haneda, your bus will arrive directly to this bus terminal.


Go to the gate shown on your ticket or screen when the bus departure is announced. The trip should take about 2 hours depending on traffic conditions. The bus may make a stop at a service area along the way.


What's the weather like in the Kawaguchiko & Mt. Fuji area?

The temperature in the Kawaguchiko area at the beginning of June can range from 13 - 22°C with an average of 17°C. While trail running, it should be warm so a short sleeve T-shirt should be fine. In the evenings and early morning, it gets  a bit colder so it would be good to bring along a warm sweater or jacket and long pants with you as well.