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Like yourselves, many members of the Avid Team are also avid trail runners who share your passion for trail running. We'll be here to assist you before, during and after the race so please feel free to contact us if you have any questions at all before the race!




Harry Ohara

Avid Adventures Japan, CEO


Harry is the person in charge of supporting you during your stay with Avid. Although his name may sound a bit Irish, Harry (his Japanese name is Hisanori Ohara) is Japanese and having lived in Vancouver, Canada for 6 years and Williamsburg, Virginia for 2 years, he is also fluent in English. Harry also works with Adventure Divas, an outdoor adventure tour company located in Tokyo, as their Chief Operations Officer, organizing trail running, hiking and backpacking trips up in the mountains of Japan. He also has extensive experience arranging custom trips and supporting visitors from other countries. Harry and his enthusiastic team are looking forward to providing you with excellent service and hospitality as well as dependable support during the race!

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Pauline Kitamura

Adventure Divas, CED (Chief Executive Diva ;-))


Pauline is originally from Toronto, Canada. She is third generation Japanese-Canadian and has lived in Japan for more than 15 years. She is the founder of Adventure Divas, an outdoor adventure tour company. Avid Adventures Japan is a the international division of Adventure Divas focusing on inbound support for races/outdoor tours in Japan (Avid = Divas backwards).


Pauline is also part of the UTMF race organization and has been working with the race committee since the start up of the race. From 2011 - 2014, Pauline was the International Racer/Media Coordinator in charge of overseas racers, and is currently thet Finance Director and International Relations manager for the UTMF. 

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The Avid Team 2019

The Avid Team for 2019 will be announced here once the members have been finalized!



Teddy Nishiumi



Teddy is one of the key members of Avid who has supported racers with us from the very start. As a successful global businessman flying around the world, Teddy and his lovely wife Ellen share Avid's passion of welcoming runners to Japan.

The Avid volunteer team consists of approximately 20 members and help us support racers and their families and friends during their stay in Kawaguchiko. Many are trail runners themselves and all of them are keen on learning/speaking English (and other languages) and meeting people from around the world. 

We all look forward to host you during the race!

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