The following is a translation of the Race Information section from the official Shinetsu Five Mountains Trail 110km race website.


Race Name:


Shinetsu Gokaku Trail Running Race 2016

~Art Sports x Patagonia Cup~



Shinetsu Kougen (Niigata Prefecture - Myoko City; Nagano Prefecture - Nagano City, Shinano Town, Iizuna Town, Iiyama City)


Race Date:

Sunday, September 18, 2016
Race start: 5:30am / Finish Cutoff: 3:30am (Sep. 19)




# of Racers:

600  (on a first come first serve basis)

30 priority race slots available for local residents (residents of Myoko, Shinano, Nagano, Iizuna and Iiyama) and last year's race volunteers who assisted with race preparations, trail maintenance, etc. ).


Registration Period:

Japanese entries:  Sun. June 5, 2016 / 20:00  until Mon. June 13, 2016

International entries:   Sun. June 5, 2016 / 20:00 (Japan Standard Time)

Entries will be accepted on a first come first serve basis and will be closed once all the race slots are filled.




  1. You must be 18 years old or above.
  2. You must have confidence to be able to complete the race within the time limit and without getting lost.
  3. You must stay in an accommodation arranged by the race on the day before the race (Sep. 17) and after the race (Sep. 18) with the exception of local residents. All accommodations are members of the local tourism associations that helps organize the race. (See "Race Packages" for details)

Entry Fees:

Racer:  JPY 25,000


Pacer:  JPY 8,000

A racer may be accompanied by a pacer from the second cut-off point at Sasagamine Kougen to the finish line (pacers are optional).




* No refunds provided once you've registered.

*Part of the entry fee will be used for trail maintenance and environmental conservation activities.

* Please note: It is customary in Japan for race registration sites to charge an admin fee & system usage charge. This fee of 10% for international entries will be added to your registration & accommodation/transportation package fee when signing up for the race.




Group accident insurance is included in the entry fee however if you are coming from overseas, it is highly recommended that you enroll in an overseas travel insurance plan that will cover you for the duration of your stay in Japan. The coverage provided by the race’s group accident insurance plan is a supplemental plan geared towards Japanese residents who already have Japanese Health Insurance coverage. Please bring a copy of your insurance policy with you.



  1. Awards for the top six finishers in both the male & female categories.
  2. Wooden trophies engraved with your name and finish time for all finishers who complete the race within the time limit. Trophies will be mailed to you after the race.
  3. Priority entry rights for next year's race for the top ten finishers in both the male & female categories.
  4. Patagonia race t-shirt and a gift from New-HALE for all racers and pacers.


Race Course:

Start:  Madarao Kougen Restaurant “Heidi” (Madarao Kougen)
-> Oike Pond
-> Sugegawa Trailhead (Mt. Madarao) 
-> Mt. Madarao
-> Madarao Kougen Restaurant “Banff” 
-> Manzaka Pass
-> Mt. Hakama-dake
-> Kanemata, Myoko Kougen 
-> Suginosawa Jishintaki Bridge
-> Kurohime Kougen Parking Lot #2
-> Sasagamine Green House
-> Odarumi
-> Ohashi 
-> Zuishin-mon Gate, Togakushi Okusha
-> Kagami-ike Pond
-> Guesthouse “Iwato”, Togakushi Ski Hill 
-> Mt. Menou
-> Kayanomiya, Mt. Iinawa
-> West Trailhead of Mt. Iinzuna
Finish:  Highland Hall “Iizuna”, Iizuna Kougen


Time Limit:

22 hours

Race Producer:

Hiroki Ishikawa - Trail Runner (Trail Works, President)


Race Organizer:

Shinetsu Five Mountains Trail Running Race Committee


Backed by:

Myoko City, Niigata Prefecture
Shinetsu Kougen Liaison Council (Myoko City of Niigata Prefecture, Nagano City, Shinano Town, & Iizuna Town of Nagano Prefecture)
Iiyama City, Nagano Prefecture


Special Sponsors:

Art Sports Co., Ltd.  /  Patagonia Japan



Gregory, Amer Sports Japan, Inc., Superfeet, Alteria Ltd., New-HALE, Nihon Yakuhin Kaihatsu Ltd.


Race Organization Support:

International Nature & Outdoor Activities College (INAC)

JTB Chubu Ltd.

Avid Adventures Japan (for international entries)



St. Cousair Ltd., Power Sports Ltd., Arist Ltd.