We know how challenging the UTMF/STY will be and we want you to be able to focus on the race without worrying about all the complicated travel details and logistics. We also know just how helpful it can be to have a familiar face out there to provide encouragement along the way...especially when the finish line still feels very far away. Avid Japan is offering all-inclusive Race Support Plans to help make your UTMF experience a memorable one.


What our Race Support Plans include:

(1) Accommodations

For 2016 we've prepared the following Accommodation Plans:


1)  PLAN A:     Japanese Guesthouse


2)  PLAN B:     Bed & Breakfast Inn


3)  PLAN C:     Traditional Japanese Ryokan


4)  PLAN C1:   Japanese Guesthouse


Each Plan offers different types of accommodations ranging from western style rooms with beds to Japanese tatami mat rooms with futons. All accommodations are conveniently located in the Kawaguchiko area within 0.1 - 4 km from the finish lines. Please read through the Plan descriptions (by clicking on the above links or left-hand column) to find one that meets your preferences and budget. Also feel free to contact us anytime if you have any questions or other requirements.


For those travelling with young children, we recommend Plan A as both plans have discounts for families with small children and have accommodations within close walking distance to the start/finish areas.


From past experience, we've found that many racers end up crossing the finish line in the middle of the night/early morning. We'll be booking your room for the entire duration of the race so that you can keep all your bags in your hotel room during the race and have a place to go back to immediately after the race to get some well deserved rest! (The race doesn't provide a sleep/rest area at the finish line but with the Avid package, you won't be left out in the cold!)



(2) Meals

Meals (breakfasts and dinners) are included with your accommodations before and after the race. This inclusive package will make things much easier and simpler for you. (Restaurants may be further away and tend to close earlier in this area). During the race, you won't be needing meals so these meals are excluded from the Plans.



(3) Pre-race Briefing & Racer Check-in

We'll be holding a pre-race briefing in English to go over the race course, rules, regulations and any updates. This will be a good time to ask any last minute questions you might have. 

Our team, has direct access to the race organizers and will be able to get answers for you quickly.

We'll also be assisting you at racer check-in to ensure that everything is okay and that you're all set for the race.




(4) Support during the race

Avid will be organizing a volunteer support team to support you before, during and after the race!

  • Many of our volunteers are trail runners themselves and share your passion for the trails. (Some have even run in the UTMF and/or other big trail races in the past.)
  • Our Avid volunteers speak both Japanese and English (as well as other languages) and will be there to help you out whenever you need assistance.
  • The teams will be waiting for you at Aid Stations to provide racer support. If you have any gear/food/clothing that you'd like to pick up at an Aid Station we'll bring it there for you. You can also leave any unneeded gear behind. (Note: Support teams will not be at all the aid stations but will be at the major ones where you'll most likely want the most support including the Finish Line!) 


As per the official race website, there will be one drop bag half-way through the UTMF and there will be no drop bags for the STY. Having supporters waiting for you at Aid Stations will allow you to plan out a strategy so that you don't have to carry everything with you throughout the race (although you'll need to carry your mandatory equipment at all times).


The aid stations at which the Avid teams will be at will be posted here once the official race course and aid station locations are announced.


2016/08/21 Update:

Our Avid teams will be at the following aid stations:





Racers can leave "Avid Support Bags" with us at each of the aid stations below:

- For UTMF:  A3, A7 and A9

- For  STY:  A7 & A9

There will also be an official UTMF Drop Bag which you can pick up on your own at A5 KODOMO-NO-KUNI (the race organizers will be transporting the official drop bags).

You can take stuff out of your Avid Support Bag as well as leave unneeded items in the support bag. (Note: We will not be able to move/transfer a support bag or items inside it from one aid station to another)

- Avid will be providing you with plastic "Avid support bags" (3 for UTMF and 2 for STY) and name labels upon arrival at your hotel.

- There will be designated areas where you can leave your support bags for pick up by the Avid team before the race.


(5) Avid Shuttle Bus

To the start of the race:

We'll be providing a private shuttle bus from your hotel to the start lines for both the UTMF and STY (except for Plan A which are all within reasonable walking distance). For the STY, the Avid shuttle bus will pick you up at your hotel on the morning of the race to take you to Kodomono-kuni (about 1 hour away) in time for the start of the STY.


After the race:

During the race, we'll also be providing a round-the-clock shuttle service from the finish area in Ohike Kouen back to your hotel (for Plans B, C, and C1). 



(6) Support for Supporters

Running the race is a challenge but supporting a racer who's running 72km/165km can also be a challenge!

The official UTMF shuttle buses that go around the various aid stations do not run late at night and early in the morning.

This makes it logistically difficult for family, friends and supporters to support their racers during the race. In order to "support the supporters", Avid will be running a private shuttle bus during the race making it possible for supporters (and racers) to head out to the aid stations more easily. Anyone signed up with Avid can freely get on and off this bus to go to the AVID aid stations.


(The Avid private shuttle bus schedule and the aid stations it will stop at will be posted here once the official course & aid stations are announced by the race.)


The Avid Team will also be there to assist supporters who may also want to ask questions (i.e. where's my racer?!) and get more information during the race. Our teams will be out at the aid stations around the clock, until every single Avid Racer comes through - so feel free to come join us at the aid stations while you're out there! The more the merrier!



New for 2016!  This year Avid will have it's own exclusive space/tent at the aid stations we'll be supporting (see (4) above). This will make it easier for racers to find us at the aid stations and will also make it easier for your supporters & Avid volunteer staff to support you!



(7) AVID BBQ Party after the race!


After the race, kick back and relax at the Avid BBQ Party! This "Japanese-style" BBQ is a great way to spend time with your family and friends and is also a good opportunity to meet your fellow ultra racers from all around the world.

See here for some fun photos from previous years' after-the-race BBQ parties!


NOTE:  The Avid Race Support plans are an all-inclusive package that includes (1) Accommodations, (2) Meals, (3) Pre-race briefing (4) Support during the race  (5) Avid shuttle bus during the race (6) Support for supporters and (7) Avid BBQ party after the race.

Avid does not have packages available that only provide one or several of the above.

Thank you for your understanding.