SPECIAL PLAN - Larger rooms


If you're looking to share a larger room with a group of four or more people, we have several rooms at the different accommodations available for a group discount. All the Japanese style guesthouses in this Plan are comfortable, family-owned accommodations (minshuku and ryokans) with traditional Japanese style tatami rooms with futons. Each have their own unique characteristics and is a wonderful way to experience the Japanese culture as well as the warm hospitality of the local people during your stay.  


Name of


Hotel Gengo, Komatsuso (Plan A)

Yesterday (Plan B)

Nagahama Ryokan (Plan C)


4 guests or more


When you reserve a "Special Plan" - we will arrange accommodations for you in one of the above listed accommodations based on the number of people in your room/group.




(1) Meals are not included in the package.


(2) Each accommodation has large shared Japanese style baths (men and women's are separate) and shared toilet facilities.


(3) You will not be able to select a specific guesthouse.


2018 Rates

(Rates are per person; in Japanese Yen; all taxes are included)


Check In

Check Out


Plan A







4/25 4/29




4/26 4/30




4/26 4/29




The above rates include the following:

(1) Accommodations
(2) Pre-race briefing

(3) Access to Avid Lounge in Ohike Kouen
(4) Support during the race including Avid drop bags
(5) Avid shuttle bus for the race start (from Kawaguchiko to Kodomo-no-kuni on Friday)

(6) Support for supporters (Avid shuttle bus between aid stations, etc.)

*Note: These support packages are only available to inbound tourists to Japan (i.e. those visiting from overseas). If you are currently living in Japan and are interested in one of our race support packages, please feel free to contact us directly so we can provide you with further information. Thank you!